Welcome to Elite USA Baseball-Fall

Our organization brings kids together from all over the United States to play on one team in 3-6 competitive tournaments in the fall and winter months [August-March]

Most western kids living in Arizona, Florida, Nevada, and California play baseball all year-round; our vision is to give ball players that are willing to travel from other states the same opportunity.  We are looking for kids who love the game and have that extra edge to continue through a non-typical baseball season.
For example, one Elite USA Team might have kids from 4 different states fly or drive into Arizona, California, Las Vegas, and Texas to play in one tournament. No practices, no league fees.

The cost per tournament would be $150.00 per child; hotel and transportation is your responsibility. Uniforms will be handed out at the location where the kids can get together the night before the games. The uniforms will say Elite USA Baseball on the sleeve, and team name on the front. ($60.00 if you choose to purchase the uniform)

We know most of our players are on different teams throughout the year, so our coaching staff is there only to be positive, motivate, teach, and make sure the kids have fun. This is a great opportunity to play throughout the fall and winter months, and create good relationships with other serious ball players and families around the country.

If you would like more information, please contact us ASAP at 720-253-1200.

Email Us: info@eliteusabaseball.com